Sunday Show and Tell


Here are my favourite links that have made me smile this week....

1.  You should know that if there is anything on the Internet remotely related to Mindy Kaling, I will love it and I will post it here, just like I have with THIS awesome/funny interview with her.

2.  I was re-watching an old Freddie Prinze Jr rom-com last week and was just thinking how amazing it was.  It made me think of two things, 1- Where'd Freddie go?
And 2- Why are films of that genre  just not as good as the Stiles, Dunst, Prinze Jr era? 
Then I came across THIS article which I loved. So were the 90's films just so damn good or is it all nostalgia?

3.  Oh and talking about Kirsten Dunst , what do you think of her comments HERE about being 'feminine' in her new Harper's Bazaar interview.  I find it laughable that they are calling her views 'Retro' and 'Controversial' I am totally Team Dunst...

4.  "I declared that I would be an artist or writer – no matter what. I then opted out of the money system for 10 years"  I love this quote, a really lovely interview with SARK HERE

5.  Because Drew Barrymore is just so darn cool, right?

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What were your fave links this week?


laura|daisychaindream said...

<3 this kind of post xx

Roisin Elizabeth Keats said...

I've just read that article about teenage movies, it's really funny to think that maybe the reason I don't get teenage films these days is because I'm getting older, rather than that they're getting worse... it's a point I've never considered before, I've just written them off as not as good as the teenage movies of my days.