Sony Headphones

These are my new headphones and they were a bit of a crazy bargain.
I was trawling though amazon to try and find a new pair after the colouring on the ears of my other ones started to peel off and leave me with little tiny bits of pink headphone in my ears and on my hair after I had listened to my music (yep, I looked super hot).
I had no idea where to start, I couldn't buy the same brand as my last headphones because all the prices had went up and I literally knew nothing about the technical side of what I should and shouldn't be wanting in a pair of headphones.

It blows my mind at how expensive some of them can be, which is super cool as I know some people take the whole sound quality really serious and want the treble something and bass something else to sound awesome but I just wanted them to look pretty, be comfortable, sound good, not tin-y and preferably be pink.

So I ticked all the boxes when I found these apart from the pink one but I can totally live with that as I have fallen a little in love with the white now anyway.
These sound great, really clear, no interference, buzzing or tin sounds when playing my music maybe technically speaking someone who knew things about headphones might not think the sound was 100% perfect but Britney and Dolly Parton sound great on them and really that's all that matters, right?

But the best part is they were £11.26.  I couldn't believe it as Sony is such an amazing brand and that is just an awesome price considering most of the other brands start at £30 or £40 for a pair with really similar quality.

Well worth the buy if you are looking for a new pair.
Buy the white ones HERE
And get them in Black HERE for £10.90