I don't know about you but I am obsessed by pinterest, I'm always on there pinning things to my boards and lately I have seen so many people pinning this ear piercing the Triple Forward Helix, it's like the new thing, right?

Not that the piercing is new but for some reason there seems to be a little bit of a trend for it at the moment.  I must admit I really love it.  It's so pretty and I love the little sparkly studs most people wear when they get it done.

I did think that my piercing days were behind me for a little bit at least after I got my nose done but after seeing so many people pin this piercing I am feeling like I might want to jump right on the bandwagon.

Have any of you got it done, what is the pain factor like?

The other thing is where to buy the pretty earrings for it.  I find it so hard to find specialist jewellery for piercings in the UK that are gold as most are just metal and they break me out.  I get my nose studs from Fresh Trends and I really love them and the quality is amazing and so far the only ones that haven't made me have a reaction to the jewellery but they are based in America. Where do you guys get your jewellery for your piercings?

Let me know what you think of the Triple Forward Helix and I'll keep you updated on whether I take the plunge and get it done.*

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