An Orchid In A Chanel Bag

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So the title basically sums up this whole post really, its an orchid in a Chanel bag.
I hate having plants in pots or flowers in vases in my room, I always think it looks so bland and doesn't match the aesthetic of my room so I came up with the idea of housing my plants in pretty bags, it hides the ugly pots and yucky soil too.
Orchids are one of my favourite flowers and are the only plants that I ever really keep in my room, so I thought it was a perfect match for my Chanel gift bag (just a free carrier bag I got when I bought nail polish from Chanel)
I have a Hermes gift bag just waiting for the summer so I can pick some flowers from the garden and show them off in it.
You can use any type of pretty gift bag to do this but I always find the ones that designer brands give away are a lot more sturdy than normal ones and also I just think it looks kinda funny and silly, in a good way, that an Orchid is in a Chanel gift bag.
What do you think, are you a fan of flowers in bags?