This year I decided that I would get a new pair of sunglasses finally.  My RayBan wayfarer's have done me proud for the last 5 or 6 years but they have had their fair share of knocks and as much as I love them I think it's about time to upgrade a little.

I always think to get a really good long lasting pair of sunglasses you do need to invest a little.  I got my wayfarer's on that cusp of everyone-in-the-world-having-a-pair, so it was just before they had their full re-invention so I was able to get mine in a sale, I think they are normally about £95 and I got mine for £55 which to me is still really expensive for a pair of sunglasses but I realised what I was paying for and I was so happy I did as I have really loved them and they are such a classic style they go with everything.

Naturally I thought I would get the Ray Ban Clubmaster's next as they are still a similar shape but with a little edge but surprisingly I have fallen in love with these aviators above. I have to be honest I have never really been a fan and I have always felt the whole mirror lens thing is a bit too celeb-y for me but after watching the Kardashians and seeing Kourtney and Khloe rocking this green-y lens I am completely head over heels for them.  The only thing that is holding me back is how out-there they are as they are so not me but I kinda think it would be nice to have such a dramatic difference from my wayfarer's.

And then just to throw another curve ball, my favourite sunglasses website Pret a voir is just about to start stocking the Linda Farrow sunglasses range, which are literally my dream sunglasses. There is just so many pretty styles, I am obsessed with the pair on the left above, they must be the most glamorous sunglasses ever but the only drawback is that they are way more expensive than my beloved RayBan's .

So what do you think are you Team RayBan's or Team Farrow?
You can buy these RayBan's HERE for £99.90
And you can buy the full Linda Farrow range on Pret a voir when it hits in April.