Sunday Show and Tell

Some of my favourite links from this week...

1. Undoubtedly the cutest thing you will have seen all week.  Watch it HERE

2.  I was honestly crying with laughter at THIS when I saw it.  I just adore the whole list. It's got to the point where I can't even look at Number 23, 24 , 29 because I just can't even take how funny they are.

3.  Obsessed by THIS.  I love that giving simple things like this as a gift can sometimes mean much more than giving someone a massive present.  So thoughtful and cute!

4.  How the blogging world has changed.  Would you agree? I think a lot of the things definitely ring true.

5.  Thanks for your love letter Scandinavia but I'm still no further forward on the whole choosing Yes or No are you?

 The above picture is from my Pinterest board and you can check out the rest of my boards HERE.  I'm always looking for more pinners to follow so leave your links so I can check them out and get following!
Hope you enjoy the links, let me know which are your favourites this week...