Faux Fur Gillet

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Fur Gillet - Rare - £45*
Jumper - ASOS -£30
Jeans - ASOS - £25 (I can't seem to find the link to these but they are ASOS's own make of jeans)
Converse - Office - £44
I actually laughed to myself when I saw these photos as I seem to have managed to have bought a jumper that is the exact same colour as the wall I took these photos against, it literally has the same fleck of the stones in the wall, I don't think I could have achieved this any better if I tried.  How awesome would I be if I was playing hide and seek with this on, I would literally melt into the wall...
I am in love with my new faux fur gillet. I had wanted one of these for ages but I found it really difficult to find one that didn't look  like actual fur and more like a long shaggy pile which this one does, so I was so happy when I spotted it. It's super big and fluffy and just so cuddly to wear. It really reminds me of something Penny Lane would wear in almost famous and I already have an outfit in mind with it that involves an obligatory floppy hat of course.
This is just a typical casual outfit for me.  I  love just throwing something like this gillet or a fancy scarf over a plain jumper to make it just that little bit fancier but apart from that this is my go-to casual day to day style.
This jumper from ASOS is my favourite new buy. Its a shame you can't really see the shape of it in this post but it's got super pretty bat-wing style sleeves and has the perfect drape.  The camera seemed to not be able to picture the colour right either it sort of added lines on it that aren't there but its got a lovely salt 'n' pepper fleck in it!
I am only just getting used to seeing pictures of myself with brown hair, It's such a big change but I'm really liking it and enjoying being a little bit more natural.
I'll be doing a post on my 'hair story' soon so keep an eye out....


Laura|adaisychaindream said...

I love that gilet, it looks so snuggly! x

Gail J said...

I love your hair!