DIY - How to make your own wall art

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I think this might be my first ever DIY-type post on my blog!
I am actually really into making things and being crafty I always have been ever since I was little so I thought it was about time I showed you some things I had made on here.
This is just a little bit of fun wall art or in my case faux staircase art.  I love having posters and pictures and paintings on my wall but I love making a lot of them myself as I think it adds a really personal touch to your room and I love the sort of homemade feel it gives too.
So, what you will need to get started on this project is-
1.  A canvas- I bought this canvas from my local B&M I'm pretty sure they have those stores around the country but if not try any art store as they will have them.  I just bought it from there because the canvas's were super cheap, £1 each I think and because I knew they were for me, for my room, I wasn't really fussed about the quality but obviously going to an art store you will pay a bigger price but get a better canvas to work on.  I got the second smallest size as I just thought it was cute and not too over-powering for my bedroom.  But these came on all shapes and sizes.
2.  Watercolours - Ahh, I am in love with my watercolours.  I could totally geek out over them for hours.  Watercolour is my favourite thing to work with, I've always loved how easy they are to use but how beautiful the results are.  I got my beloved watercolour set at a good art store as I really wanted great quality paint to work with as I use them often but again you can pick up cheap watercolours from shops like B&M or similar for super cheap prices, even stationary stores have really great cheap sets too.   Although I used watercolours on the canvas, if its something your not familiar with or just don't want to buy them then just skip this part and go on to the next.
3.  Sharpies - My favourite pens EVER!  I used a medium nibbed black permanent sharpie as I didn't want the writing to fade. Also with this size of nib you can get different sizes of lettering depending on how you use it.  On it's side or on it's tip.  You can pick up a sharpie from just about any newsagents/stationary store, art store in the world I think or you could always order them from HERE as I think they sell every kind of sharpie.
4.  Next you need the words you want to put on your canvas, I chose a beautiful quote I love from a poetry book I have, but it could be anything.  Any quote phrase or even song, I made my little niece one of these with all the words of Katy Perry's Roar written on it as she just loved that song.  Pick whatever you like.
And that's basically it, all you do when you have everything you need is put a thin wash of colour on your canvas, I choose to use just one colour but graduate it as I painted it to get a sort of Ombre effect.  You don't want the colour to be distracting as you want the words to stand out. Let the watercolours dry completely before going onto the next step.  Drying time is different for everyone depending on what type of paint you used and how much water etc but it normally doesn't take too long. 
I then wrote the words out in pencil first so I could get the placement right and then went over it in my sharpie.  I choose to do fancy fun writing but you can choose whatever style you think suits your room best, remember and use an eraser to rub out any pencil marks that you can see from under the sharpie once you've finished the whole thing. 
I alternated the thickness of my font and I made sure every letter and word joined up and connected to each other as I think that gave it more of the look I wanted
And then your done.
You have made your very own piece of canvas art that you can hang on your wall or place it somewhere like I done.  I love buying thinks like wall art but knowing I have made this myself makes it feel a little more special I think.  I know it's not perfect but that's the best part as it's not meant to be, it's meant to look like you have made it and had fun while doing it, which I definitely did!
These make perfect gifts too for birthdays and even Mother's Day which is coming up on Sunday.
Why not find out your Mama's favourite song and write out the lyrics on the canvas for her or maybe a song that she sung to you when you were a baby, I think that would be super cute!
Let me know if you make one, I would love to see/hear how you get on!
P.S You could also use the watercolours to write out the words or lyrics but I chose to show you one I did using the sharpie as I just thought it was easier and stood out a little more!
P.P.S. The quote I used was from THIS book by Chad Sugg.