Hey Dolls,
Just a little note to explain my little blogging hiatus.
My blog got a little broken and is now looking like it is in need of a damn good makeover.  It disappeared completely for a little bit and is now thankfully back albeit more than a little battered and bruised looking.
I am working hard to get it back on track and looking super fly (well OK, I'm working hard to find someone else to make it look super fly, but it still counts right?)
Fingers crossed that this time next week it's looking mighty fine.
Until then my beautiful people why don't you sit down, grab a cup of tea and a biscuit and have a good stare at the awesome-ness that is Miss Jessica Fletcher in a freakin' awesome fur coat.....
Yep, it's that good, right?
Also you can keep up to date with me over on Pinterest HERE until I start regular posting again.
Love Ya's