Martha Stewart for Staples Collection

I had been looking for the perfect way to display some of  my jewellery since I re-decorated my room.  I could never find anything that fitted in with the style of my room and was affordable too.  I had always wanted some real antlers to put on my wall to display some of my necklaces and rings but when it came around to importing them from America and then trying to fit them onto my wall it all just seemed like a bit too difficult so I kind of gave up on that idea.

I had seem so many amazing DIY's from Pinterest on how to make some of the prettiest jewellery display holders I've seen and I think when I get some spare time I will definitely give them a go but until then I knew I had to get something as my dresser was starting to get lost over the pile of jewellery and bits and bobs that was cluttering it.

Then I stumbled across a post on Milkteef , which showed off Emma's (name twin) new Martha Stewart for Staples storage containers and as soon as I laid my eyes on them I just knew they would be perfect for my jewellery.

Although the Martha Stewart for Staples range is of course intended for using as office and paper storage I just thought that they have the perfect sized compartments for jewellery too and hey, Martha is always telling us to be inventive right?

I should also make clear at this point, I am seriously the biggest Martha Stewart fan, ever.  I know after her recent comments about bloggers people were kind of freaking out, but it actually made me love her even more.  She literally does not care.  I just find everything about her both hilarious and down right amazing.  She is just such a legend and I sort of think she knows that she is a legend, which just makes it even better.

I know she is mahoosive in America but if your from the UK and don't know much about Martha other than the obvious or just want to read a bit more about her awesome-ness then these are my favourite articles, seriously they are just perfect and you will literally either love her or hate her after it, she is that intense -
THIS one is about her brand and her comeback after prison.
THIS one is just beyond perfection and talks about the best lesson she can give you 'Don't give a damn'

Anyway back to her range for Staples.  Its really beautiful.  It's hard to see in the pictures but the boxes are a sort of a bumpy texture which makes the turquoise colour even prettier. 
I bought three different storage boxes and sat them on top of each other to make it look like this, I love the stacked look and how you can change it around if you get bored with the way its sits.

I just put a handful of my favourite jewellery in it but I decided i wanted to fill up the rest of the compartments with all my other things that I love but didn't really have a place to put them on display, like my moleskin, my watercolours and sunglasses...oh and Unicorn obviously!

There is actually so much space in it and the drawer is really deep and wide too and its a great place to store things.
I was really impressed but how sturdy and tough the boxes were, if I'm honest I thought they looked like re-enforced cardboard on the website but in actual fact they're not, they are way tougher and they really look like they will survive a bit of wear and tear.

Overall I am so happy that I came across this and I am really pleased with the way it looks and how much it fit's in with my room but with Ms Stewart behind it all I really shouldn't  have been surprised.

I am now constantly checking staples website trying to talk myself out of how much I need the rest of her range, its just so darn pretty.......

Here are the links to buy-
Base with drawer - £8.66 - HERE
Desktop organiser (that I have sat on top of the drawer) - £10 - HERE
Small item holder with lid (I sat this in front of the desktop organiser and removed the lid) £4.66 - HERE

All these items also come in white and Brown too!

What do you think are you a fan of Martha and this range?


Signe said...

That organizer thing is genius, I want it!! I was drawn to your blog after reading the title and it's sosososo cute :) I'm a new follower!

If you're interested, follow me back!

Temporary:Secretary said...

I love this, anything storage with compartments is a winner with me! I also love the colour of this too, my fave shade of green xx