Warm Feet

Ok, so I know this is slightly out of season but I always think it's good to be prepared, right?
I am the biggest fan of Celtic & Co's woolly slippers and I've just gotten myself a new pair for coming into Autumn and Winter.
I still have my last pair that I bought fom them that I blogged about a few years ago but I just felt like I needed a new fluffy pair and had my eye on these beauties for a while.

I know it seems a bit old lady to be talking about slippers but honestly, when it comes to the cold days and nights I get the coldest feet, which give me super sore legs, it's always happened to me ever since I've been little and I find the only way to solve and combat the problem is to always be wearing slippers inside when the winter months hit.

And Celtic & Co make the fluffiest, warmest slippers I have tried and I love that they look kind of  'olde timey'  you know? 
Sort of retro.

And these ones are no different, so cute and lovely and they really keep my feet nice and toasty.

Are you a fan of Celtic & Co?
And are you for or against the wearing of slippers?

Buy these HERE for £39 mine are in the colour Whiskey but there are a lot more colour options on the site.


Josie said...

These look SO cosy! xxx