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A few weeks ago I came across a celebrity tweeting about Honestly Healthy (I think it may have been Lily Allen?)
I had assumed she was referring to Jessica Alba's The Honest Life book, because of the similar name but when I clicked on the link it lead me to Honestly Healthy and after having a good read of their website I was really intrigued.


In short, HH was founded by gourmet vegetarian chef, Natasha Corrett, she was then joined by her godmother and nutritionist Vicki Edgson to help her expand the company.  Together they started 'Fridge Fills' where they deliver some prepared meals to your door to last you three days.  The idea behind this was that they hoped eating healthy for three days a week with the food they provide for you would inspire you to try and cook similar food and eat healthier the rest of the week too.


To be honest it wasn't really the 'Fridge Fills' I was interested in on the basis that i would never be able to pay the prices the charge for them to come and deliver pre-made food to my house. (Prices start between £98 to £750 depending on your choice of meal plan!!!) but I saw on their website that Natasha and Vicki had wrote a book together about the Honestly Healthy philosophy and it looked like it was packed with some awesome recipes too.


The book is written, from what I can see, based on an alkaline vegetarian diet/lifestyle.
I was really interested to read more about an alkaline food plan as I hadn't read about it before.  I asked the HH team to send me over some more info about the book so I could read a bit more about it and they kindly sent some scans from the book.

I have only featured a handful on here as the other pages have a lot of writing on them as they are explaining more about the alkaline diet and different food groups and I thought it would be too difficult to read the smaller print on my blog so I’m going to pin them to my pinterest and you will be able to have a good read of them all.


After having a good look at all the recipes and the idea behind the alkaline diet (just to point out I’m using the word diet in the sense of it’s a lifestyle, rather than meaning it's a new fad diet to lose weight or something similar, which this isn't.  It's just a healthy eating plan) I think the whole thing really does sound interesting.  The only thing I would say is I think it seems slightly complicated to figure out which foods should be avoided as the chart at the beginning of the book that explains it all (I will pin it) sort of tells you that there is mild to harsh acidic foods and that you shouldn’t cut them out of your diet completely but just eat them with alkaline foods which makes them less acidic....see a little complicated.  But also just to point out I’m reading this of off scans so maybe if you had the book in front of you to read over, it may seem easier so I don't want to judge it too much without seeing the full thing. 


I'm vegetarian anyway so I really love the look of some of the recipes especially all the ones I have posted here.  And I will 100% be trying them out and I just love the way that they give you different smoothie recipes for different reasons, ones to wake you up, one to sort your skin out, etc .  I think that is a really great idea. 


I would still really like to buy the book but probably more so to get more recipes than to follow the alkaline way of life, not that I don't think it seems great, I really do and I think it would be really beneficial too but I just like to think that as long as you choose good, healthy, ingredients and make things from scratch then you will be doing all right anyway?


What do you guys think? Have you heard of Honestly Healthy before; have you tried the alkaline diet?
Let me know what you think?


To read the recipes I have put above click the image to enlarge them.

To see the other scans from the book that tells you more about the idea behind it all then click HERE to go to my pinterest and have a good read.

And click HERE to buy the book which is £12.80


Charlotte said...

ooo all looks so yum! will defo have to try some of these out thanks!

ordaining serendipity