Hometown Glory

Welcome to Glasvegas.
Hometown and birth place to some of Scotland’s best, worst and downright legendary.  Oh and me of course.
I have never really spoken about where I’m from on my blog before.  I don’t know why really I think I wanted to figure out a way of doing posts about it without sounding like I’m from the tourist board. So I have decided to start doing some features on the city and things to do if you ever want to come and visit.
To be general about it, Glasgow is split up into a few different areas and each area is pretty different, so to give you a little handy guide, here are the areas in bullet point form because I’m not going to lie, who doesn’t love some concise bullet points now and again...
-The city Centre- I would say everyone should visit the centre of the city even if it’s just for a few hours.  It has the best shopping street I have ever been on (and I’ve been on a few) Buchanan street has a really good mix of every high street store you could want with a lot of luxury and designer shops too.  As an added bonus it looks beyond beautiful, seriously even if you’re not at all interested in architecture standing at the top of the street and looking down the slopped hill of buildings is really breath-taking.  If you are a first timer you have got to experience Buchanan Street on a Saturday afternoon, there is nothing quite like it, the street becomes packed (seriously like jam-packed) full of every busker, street performer and musician the city has to offer.  It’s strangely entertaining if not extremely loud, but it really is a must see, you could spend the whole after noon just walking down the street having a stop and listen to the whole experience.
 -The South Side – Filled with more ‘destination’ shops but has a lot of bars and restaurants.  To me this is much more of a  ‘new  graduate/young family’ area.
 -The East End – Maybe the most notorious part of the whole City.  It has the infamous Barra’s market and the famous Barrowland Ballroom which is one of the best venues to listen to music in, in the whole country. 
-The West End- This is one of my favourite parts of the whole city.  It has a massive student population due to Glasgow University being in the same area.  It is full of the most beautiful and quirky little shops that you could spend hours browsing in. 
Even though Glasgow is a major city in the UK it isn’t actually that big compared to a lot of the other cities.  You could easily have a browse through all these four areas in a day.  You can jump on one of the many buses or take a wee trip on the underground which can sometimes actually make you ears pop you are on and off it so darn quick as there really is only ever a min or two between each stop.
So let’s focus on the city centre.  I wanted to show off some of Glasgow’s hidden treasures so that when you pop over here for a visit you will know all the best places to go and  look damn cool to all your friends ( or look like you have just googled ‘cool places to visit in Glasgow’ either way you win)
First up is Sloan’s.  Sloan’s is Glasgow’s oldest bar and restaurant and was established in 1797.  And to be honest it kind of looks its age, but in a really hip and charming way, if you know what I mean?     It is situated up a lane on Argyle street which is just off Buchanan street.  It looks gritty and authentic and the decor is completely true to its heritage.
As well as the bar and restaurant it also has a super cute ballroom that has a ceilidh every Friday (a  ceilidh, which is pronounced Kay-lay is a big ole’ party with traditional Scottish dancing, it might sound strange but is actually really funny and there is normally a lot of whiskey involved for everyone taking part)
But my favourite bit about Sloan’s is the Market which takes place outside in the alleyway.  It’s full of the most amazing little stalls that line the alleyway from one end to the other.  It is mainly arts, crafts and clothing but there is always new stalls popping up all the time.  The market takes place every Saturday and Sunday from 11am till 5pm.
 I hope you have enjoyed finding out a little more about the city I’m from.  If I’m being honest  with you it doesn’t really matter where  you visit in Glasgow because as cliche as it sounds Glasgow is pretty much all about the people and the crazy and hilarious characters you’ll meet along the way. They make the city have a pretty cool and laid back vibe which makes it an awesome place to be.  So let me know if you’re coming to visit soon and if you would like any more hints and tips on where to go in the city.
Oh and if you do decide to come on a little holiday to Glasgow....Please don’t forget your umbrella, did I forget to mention it rains...um, a lot.
Images Via Sloan's and HERE


Lois said...

This is so handy, thank you! :)

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Claire does beauty said...

I love this! Sloans market not been there in a while in fact not been in Glasgow for ages and i only live 20 mins away shame on me! Such a fab post. xx

Claire does beauty

thechicndamned said...

It was lovely learning about where you're from. Scotland is somewhere I've always wanted to visit and you make me want to go even more now

x karen