The Real Lords Of Dogtown

These photos are all taken by Hugh Holland who in the summer of '75 began his three year journey of photographing the skateboarding phenomenon that had taken over California.
I have wanted to buy Hugh's book 'Local's Only' for years and after re-discovering these images I think I have to head straight over to Amazon.
I have always been so fascinated by Skateboarders, I just think they look amazing and what they do is just so extraordinary.  It still baffles me how they can jump from the tops of tunnels or off of stairs and still stay standing on their boards.

I have always been a bit  in love with this time in history though, there is something just so beautiful and care-free about that era and I think these images of the emerging break-out skate scene just sum it up.

If you love these photographs as much as me and are interested in the whole skating  scene you should definitely check out the films Dogtown and Z-Boys and Lords of  Dogtown.
They are both amazing.  The first is a documentary of this whole era and the second is a movie based on the documentary, such awesome viewing.

These images were found VIA M+B


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