Do you like my new shoes?
I am more than a little in love with them.
I have always been a massive fan of Superga since they launched in the UK.  First with that awesome campaign that Alexa did for them, then of course because Mk and Ashley started working with them too.  And if it's good enough for The Olsen's, its good enough for us right?

When got in touch and asked me if I would like to pick something from their site I knew instantly that I wanted these leopard print beauties.  They fit like a dream, I would say stick with your right size though, don't size up as they are roomy, which gives enough space for socks when winter hits.
I just think  they are so pretty and I love that they have that off-cream colour going on and the thick sole add's such a nice touch.

I have been pairing them with everything lately as they are perfect with little dresses and shorts, which is all I have been wearing in this beautiful weather ( seriously, who knew that sometimes summer actually means hot weather, it's amazing)
I have taken some more outfit pictures with me wearing my superga's but unfortunately I will have to put them up later in the week as I have somehow managed to get a crazy bad virus on my computer and can't load my other outfit pictures up until I get it fixed!

I am so happy I finally have some Superga's in my life and if you are looking for a pair then head over to where these bad boys are from Surfdome.

I really love Surfdome and have bought a lot from them over the years, mostly holiday/beach things as that's what they specialise in, it's jam packed with the most famous surf and skating labels like billabong, vans and converse but as I was looking round their site I noticed that they have such awesome labels such as MinkPink, Free People, Ash and even French Sole.  I couldn't believe all the different types of clothing and accessories they stock now too .
Oh and I also think that's where my mama bought my Vans heart-shaped shades from for my birthday.

You can click HERE to buy my Superga shoes for £44.99


Blicious said...

Love these~! I I just bought the leopard vans and they are my fav!