Summer Anklets


The first thing I would always buy on holiday was an ankle bracelet.
Their was something about wearing it that signified to me that summer was starting.
I would wear it from that day onwards and as the threads began to wear on it and become loose and gradually set themselves free from your ankle you would know that summer was finishing and school was starting.
It's been a few years now since I have worn an anklet and I must say with this awesome sunshine forcing me to always have my legs/ankles on show I think it's time I purchased a new one.

I am obsessed by these cute sets you can buy from Claire's, I want to buy a couple and stack them on one ankle, so pretty.

Are you a fan of anklets?
Do you have your eye on any of the above?

Anklet in large picture - £5 Buy HERE
Anklet in top right hand-side corner -£5 Buy HERE
Anklet in bottom corner - £5 Buy HERE