Songs That May or May Not Change Your Life

This will be your new anthem, seriously.  Well unless your already rich then I suppose it probably doesn't have the same appeal.
But for all us mere mortals this will be your song of the summer.
Anytime you need a little boost of inspiration, turn this up really loud and do some sort of sway-like dancing to it.

I can not stop listening to it, I have to warn you though that you will not be able to stop singing the words out loud, but don't worry no one will think your weird, they'll just think your really, really not rich yet.  But they will definitely think your trying.....

I am in love with J.Appiah's voice, it's so beautiful and you can hear more of it, by going to listen to his EP HERE.
Checking out his Twitter HERE
And his Facebook HERE

What do you guys think, are you a fan?