Song That May or May Not Change Your Life

Anne-Marie is a 22 year old singer/songwriter from Essex.  She sings 'proper' pop music, you know?
Like, hands in the air, catchy chorus, makes you want to dance all night long or sing really loudly out your car window, type music.
Which you all know is the type of music that I am a pretty big fan of.
I am loving her new song 'Summer Girl' which you can listen to below.  And it's name kinda gives you a massive hint that it's perfect summertime/sunshine music. 

I love when music matches up to the seasons, like do you remember that awful summer of rain and Rihanna had just released 'Umberella'  and everyone would start humming the chorus as soon as the rain started falling or when Nelly's song 'Hot in Herre (two r's because he wanted you to know it was extremely hot not just warm) was released and anytime there was a sunny day everyone thought it was super duper funny to reference it, like when you were in school and someone would go ' ooh its getting very hot in here, I might need to take all my clothes off' and then everyone would laugh?
No, was that just me? Gosh I really have to stop showing y'all how cool I am......

Anyway, take a listen to Anne-Marie's seasonally appropriate song and tell me what you think?

I also want to take a minute to just say what awesome style she has too, I really can't wait to see what looks she puts together when she starts to release more material.
But most importantly I have total eyebrow envy, seriously look at those bad boys, I am off to get my eyebrow stencilling kit out to try and replicate the goodness.....

Enjoy the music. (and the brows)


Elizabeth Daisy. said...

Thanks for sharing lovely, this lovely has fabulous style too doesn't she!

Corinne said...

Oh, I love it!! At first the beat sounded like the DJ Spiller /Groove Jet song =)

I have a UK only give away on my blog, if you would like to check it out =)

Corinne x