Some Boxsets for Your Weekend

I was looking at the weather for the weekend and it looks like most of the UK is in for a lot of rain and thunder + lightning which isn't great but rainy weekends do give you the perfect opportunity to curl up with a good boxset.  So I thought I would give you a little guide to some of my favourite TV shows that you could make your way through this weekend.
I have put links to buy the DVDs on Amazon but if you want them ASAP I'm pretty sure that all  of them will be able to be streamed online and on Lovefilm and Netflix too.
So sit back, relax and press play....

1. Suits - There are no words to describe how much I love this show.  I am obsessed by it.  I honestly think Harvey is one of the best Tv characters ever created and I am majorly in love with Mike too.  Suits is set in a law office and focuses on the relationship between the lawyers and their clients.  I normally stay away from shows like this as I always think they stick to the same formula and storyline every week but this couldn't be more different. Every episode it keeps you guessing and it goes against the 'typical' TV show outcomes in a lot of ways too.  It is the slickest TV in the history of TV shows, I'm sure of it.  Buy a boxset of season 1+2 HERE £24.77

2.  Nashville - Another one of my favourites.  Nashville focuses on the music community in Nashville and all the drama surrounding the residents.  The music is beyond amazing (I also have the soundtrack) If you aren't a big fan of music based shows I would give this a miss as they do sing A LOT. If you do decide to check it out just be prepared that you will want to be Rayna James by the end of it (two words - THE HAIR)
Buy Season 1 HERE £19.97

3.  Chuck- Chuck is made by the creator of The OC and Gossip Girl and is about an accidental secret agent and the trials and tribulations he goes through to try and become 'normal' again.  Its funny and sweet and also action-packed.  You will want to zip through the episodes to see what happens next. If your not into anything with a slight sci-fi feel to it, I would steer clear of this one. But if your a fan of that genre you will love this and Chuck is just so darn cute!
 There is 5 seasons but you can try the first 1 HERE for £8.71

4.  Ok so this is the biggest guilty pleasure you will ever find.  A box set that includes- The full seasons of Laguna Beach, The full seasons of The Hills and The full seasons of The City.  See, what did I tell you? Amazing! If you have never seen any of the above I would take this opportunity to see what you have been missing.  The premier in reality TV.  Laguna Beach started it all and the rest just start off where this finished.  Even if you have already watched them all, there is never enough times you can watch LC say to Heidi "I wanna forgive you and I wanna forget you" Ooh Burn!!
Buy this monster boxset HERE for £67

5.  New Girl- The perfect comedy series to fill your weekend with.  One word - Schmidt.
Buy Season 1 HERE for £14.99

6.  Modern Family - This is laugh out loud stuff.  The show is filmed in a mockumentary fashion.  It follows a family and all their extended members.  Its such a classy comedy and is so easy to watch.
Buy Season 1-3 HERE for £19.54

7.  Gilmore Girls - There is not enough praise I can heap on the series.  GG is about a mother and daughter and their beautiful little American town that they live in called Stars Hollow.  And that's it basically.  Its just about their life and the people they know.  I know it might not sound like much but seriously apart from FRIENDS this is my second favourite show of all time.  I re-watch it all the time and I think I even know some of the lines of by heart haha! If you are looking for the sweetest show where nothing bad at all happens in it then this is the one you should be after. You will really fall in love with it.
You can buy all 7 seasons separately or all together in the one boxset HERE for £45.89

8.  Heartland - Never in my life would I imagine that I would enjoy a show about a horse ranch so much.  But I love it.  I am not an animal lover at all but I just find the show lovely and sweet and it looks visually beautiful too and really appeals to my inner wannabe cowgirl.  So easy to watch.
Buy season 1 HERE for £15.73

9.  Hart of Dixie - This is along the same lines of Gilmore Girls (they even use the old GG set) but just not as amazing in my opinion but really cute none the less. Its about a big city doctor who comes to be a GP in a little southern town and has to deal with all the crazy towns folk.  Funny and a gentle drama where not much happens and you don't have to think too much when your watching it. 
Buy season 1 HERE for £12.25

10.  My So Called Life - This 90's drama has a cult-like following.  Based on the life of teenager Angela Chase, the word angst doesn't even begin to cover this girl and her life.  Its not exactly light-hearted but it is really great and enjoyable and is very realistic to being a teenager albeit a slightly emo like one, I suppose.  The fashion in it is awesome and Claire Dane's really is amazing in it.  There aren't too many episodes to this one and only season made so you will get though it in no time.
Buy the season HERE for £7

So, let me know what you think and if you are going to watch any or if you are a fan of some of them as well?
Ooh and let me know of any others you think I might like too?


who wants a fish said...

Omg! I think you have more or less summed up my life :) I lie nothing more than watching most of these all curled up with a cup of tea :) it's just lovely

Madeleine Roach said...

New Girl is so never fails to have me in fits of giggles!x