Shirts and No Ties

I could just live in this look at the moment.
I have always been a fan of a loose shirt tucked half in, half out of jeans but I finally have a good collection of shirts that I love the fit of, so I feel myself really gravitating towards this.

I thought I would make a little inspiration board of some girls who are wearing this look pretty damn well.

My top tips are.... make sure your jeans are tight to at least one part of your leg, whether it be your thigh with flares or your whole leg with a slim fit, so that it balances out the looseness of your shirt. 

Also my biggest tip of all, buy men's shirts.
I have always done this and the shape is just way more flattering.
But remember you don't have to go too big with men's sizes.  It will already most probably have a loose fit or looser than a ladies anyway.  I normally go for a medium so you get a nice hang.

Are you a fan of this look?


thankfifi said...

HUGE fan of loose shirts and tight jeans :) Always my easy go-to look

thank you for your lovely comment on my Greece post.x

danniekate said...

love this look too - and that's a great tip with the men's shirts! xx

Pippa said...

Absolutely love your blog! Thank you so much for your comment :) where did you get your layout? It is so lovely and colourful! I need to have a change up so please do recommend something to me :) now following!! <3