Pink Hair using Kevin Murphy Colour Bugs


Look at my pink hair....
I feel like a real-life My Little Pony.
My sister got me the Pink and Orange Kevin Murphy hair chalk colour bugs for my birthday in May.  I had been wanting to try them for so long and was so happy when she got me them. 
I had tried them out a few times putting the pink and orange at the ends of my hair, dip-dye style but the beautiful sunshine we are having at the moment inspired me to try them out on my whole head, and the above pictures are how it turned out. I put pink all over my hair and orange at the ends of my hair and some bits of orange in my fringe too.

My hair is bleached blonde all over (see my profile picture at the side) so the colours take to my hair really well and are actually neon when you first apply them because my hair is so blonde.
I desperately need my hair done again (see big massive dark roots) so I was bored of the colour looking tired and I just wanted to see if the pink would liven it up again until I get my roots done.

In a weird way though I kinda think the dark roots add a more grungy feel, but maybe that is me just trying to convince myself haha!

I have just realised that I've forgotten to take a picture of the colour bugs, but you can see what they look like in the pictures I have linked to.  The are basically a little dome filled with chalk that sticks to your hair and then washes straight back out again to leave your hair looking like it did before you started.  Well, thats what they say happens.  To be honest every time I have used them they have stained my hair just a teeny tiny bit until I wash it for the second time, but I think that's more to do with the colour of my hair than the chalk.  And I like that it stains it a little, its like a dye without all the fuss and hassle but if your someone who wouldn't want that to happen I would just give your hair a couple of shampoos when you wash it, and that should get it all out.

They are so simple to apply.  You just pick which bit of hair you want the colour on and rub the chalk down it.  Super easy and so much fun when you see the colour appear. 
The pack they come in advises you that it can be a little messy to apply and to wear a towel round your shoulders when you do it.  I've heard a lot of people talk about the mess it makes, but honestly its only chalk and comes out really easily.  I mean, don't wear good clothes when you first apply it and do it in your bathroom or something and you will be fine.  I really didn't think it was as messy as most people make out.

After you have applied the colour where you want it, I locked mines in with a lot of hairspray to stop it from transferring.  I went proper crazy with the hairspray as I was paranoid about it coming off onto anything I came up against but the large (massive!) amount of hairspray I used really kept the colour in place.  It didn't even come off onto my pillowcase at night.  A lot of people use something like a styling spray/heat protector spray on their hair before they apply the chalk to make the chalk stick to their hair, but I didn't need anything like that, my hair just kinda ate up the colour but maybe depending on your hair style its best for some people to use something before and after the colour. I would just play around with it and see what you think.

You can use all the colours in the Colour Bug range on dark or light hair but you will obviously just get a different effect.  This is my colour a day and a bit after I applied it and it also got literally soaking, dripping wet (me and my niece were doing a sort of rain dance underneath my mama's garden hose when she was watering her flowers, to try and cool us off from the heat.  Hence my fuzzy hair and make-up less face) and this is still how strong the colour is, so you can imagine how neon it was when I first applied it. But I put it in my aforementioned nieces hair and hers is super duper dark brown and the pink came out the most beautiful, strong, bold purple shade and it was really pretty, so if you have dark hair I wouldn't  let that put you off.

I think these colour bugs are only meant for giving you a hint of colour not for your whole head as after I did this I realised that my pink one is basically nearly all done, whereas if I had kept just using it on the ends of my hair it probably would have lasted longer.  But for the price I was a little shocked at how little you get, for some reason I thought the whole of the dome shape was filled with colour but its not its only a small, slightly bigger than an eyeshadow depth tray that sits underneath the dome, that is actually filled with colour.

Overall though I really love them and I  think its an added bonus that the colour stays in your hair a little bit after you have washed it the first time.  It has actually made me want to dye my hair pink but I think I should get my roots sorted out first!
I would love to try more of the colour bugs and I think they are a great way of trying out different colours without the commitment of having them in your hair for a while.
They are really fun and easy to apply and are such a great idea for this time of year.

Are you a fan of the Kevin Murphy Colour Bugs?
Have you tried them, I would love to know what you think?

My sister bought my Colour Bugs from HERE for £11.90 which by the looks of it is still the best price I can find for them.  They sell the pink, orange, white and purple here and they also offer free delivery and returns to the UK.


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