Neom Candle and Pillow Mist

A little while ago I did a post about how much I wanted to try Neom's tranquillity spray as I sometimes have real trouble with my sleeping and I thought this might possibly help.
So when I opened one of the presents my mama got me for my birthday and saw this Neom set I was so excited to try it!
The candle is beautiful and it just looks so pretty sitting on my dressing table.  To be honest I haven't lit this very much yet as I have mostly been using my room spray.  But I can't wait to use it more, especially in winter time. I don't know why but I always associate candles with winter, I can imagine myself all snuggled up with a book having this relaxing scent burning away in the background.
I couldn't wait to try the spray when I opened the box.  I had actually not slept right for a week or so at that point so I couldn't wait to see if it actually worked or not.
And I honestly have to say it's amazing and works a million times better than I thought it would.  Sometimes I just think products like this might all be hype and just glorified water in a bottle but for me anyway it worked like magic.
It is so strong, before you even have the spray out of the box your smell the scent really strongly.  So you only need literally like two or three sprays on your pillow.  I sprayed them on  the pillow next to me rather than my own as I didn't think I would like to be lying on the smell all night and I did it about 15-20 mins before I went to bed to let the scent circulate the room.
Now I have to be honest and say if I had to pick a favourite smell in the world this wouldn't be it.  The kinda scents I like are light and vanilla and sweet candy flavoured things so I normally stay away from really strong lavender, flowery scents which this most definitely is but as I have been using it more I have really gotten used to the smell and I'm now starting to enjoy it more.  Don't get me wrong its not terrible or horrible smelling its just really different to the fragrances that I normally gravitate towards but it really has grown on me.
And seriously it works so amazingly that I wouldn't even care what it smells like, honestly that's how great it is.
That first night I used it I got to sleep in less that half the time it had been taking me for the past week or so.  I also had such a restful, peaceful sleep and the same happened every other time I used it.  Its crazy, its like you just naturally drift off to sleep, and if like me you go through periods of not sleeping right, then you'll know how amazing that is.
I can not recommend this enough to you, and in fact I have already started to tell people that I know who have trouble sleeping that they need this in their life.
The thing for me is I can be sleeping perfectly for weeks and weeks on end then something will happen, maybe I will struggle to get to sleep, a noise might disrupt me in the night or I might just wake up and not get back to sleep all night and that's it for my sleep pattern for weeks on end.  Its like it only takes a tiny change for my sleeping pattern  to go out the window and why I love  this spray so much is because after using it for a few weeks my sleeping habit is back to normal and I only spray it every few days now so it is amazing to know that no matter what happens to my sleeping habits I now thankfully have this to get me back on track which is such a relief.
What I would say is obviously everyone if different and this won't work for everyone but If you struggle with your sleeping I really would give this a shot as you never know.....
Have you used this before? Are you a fan of Neom products?
You can buy this set from HERE for £19.50


RosyChicc said...

Ahh thank you for this post lovely! I've been having seriously issues with my sleep recently and I need this in my life! <3

Andrea | RosyChicc

Michaela said...

This does sound lovely! The bit you wrote about curling up with a book with this scent in the background did make me yearn for winter!

Oh So Gawjess said...

Sounds gorgeous