Glitter Nails

Buy the Hologram Glitter Polish - HERE - It's called Hatton Garden but you can only buy this in a gift set for £15
Buy the Jade Green - Seven Dials HERE £11

One of the things I love most about this beautiful sunny weather is that it gives me a rare opportunity to show off my painted toenails as they are nearly always covered by thick woolly socks or tights the rest of the year.

I decided to match them with my finger nails using these colours.
The green is such a beautiful shade of jade and it's so creamy too and lovely to apply.  I added this hologram glitter shade over the top to add a little summery vibe to them.

All the little particles in the hologram polish look like little diamonds twinkling in the light when the sun hits my nails, its definitely the best 'glitter-type' polish I've tried yet!

I have checked and it seems to be that you can only buy the glitter one in a set.  It comes with three other colours.  I actually got it in this set too as I wanted the gold glitter that was also in it, as that's one of my all time favourites.  Its really great value as each Nails Inc polish is £11 and in this set you get 3 for £15.

Have you been matching your nails and your toes this summer too?
What colour have you been wearing most?


daisychain said...

this looks AMAZING! x