Book Review - My Ideal Bookshelf

I am the biggest lover of a good coffee table book. 
You know, one of those books that when people come into your house they can't help but pick it up and have a browse through it.
I love having all my books like that piled up in my room and on show and one of my ultimate favourites is a fairly new one to my collection.
Its called My Ideal Bookshelf and as the title suggests its a book filled with well known names such as artists, musicians, actors, writers and directors telling us about their ideal bookshelfs.

I must admit sometimes books like this can be full of the most random z-list celebrities and they are really not that interesting to read but this is packed with famous faces who you will actually want to read about.

Each person writes an essay about why they choose each book and what the books mean to them, some of the essay are just so beautiful and often more about life in general than about the books content directly.  You'll find yourself ohh'ing and ahh'ing and wanting to frame some of the quotes on your wall.

Something that for me just makes the book a must have is the beautiful illustrations of all the book spines, the artwork is just stunning and really gives such a luxurious feel to the book.

I really recommend this book if you are a book lover. I find their is nothing more interesting than hearing why people love books and which ones mean the most to them.

I have already started a list of books that I want to buy from some of the recommendations I have read in the book.

This makes the perfect gift too.  I actually bought this for my sister and really struggled to part with it as I fell completely in love with it so I knew straight away that I had to get my own copy.

You can buy this book HERE for £12.15 (There was only 6 left in stock when I checked, so I would hurry if you want to get your hands on one!)


who wants a fish said...

Eeeeee! Books books books! I love books I've recently found a charity shop where you can buy 5 for 2.50 my boyfriend isn't a fan of the fact that I've filled up my bookcase and now there's piles of books all round the flat! They also give me a warm snugly feeling of Rory Gilmore :)