Up To Date

So I know my posting habits have been more than a little erratic of late.
Made up of Long pauses and gaps.
But sometimes non-blogging life gets in the way of blogging life, right?

I really love blogging and I feel like I have so many new ideas for the blog and I really can't wait to get going with them.
I feel like my blog finally looks the way I have wanted it to look for so long but it's just what I posting that needs to be updated too and I can't wait till it all comes together and y'all are so awesome having so much Patience waiting on everything getting back up and running.

Fingers crossed normal posting should resume next week, so I'm very excited about that.

But the point of this post is to remind you or let you know if you didn't already, that come Monday Google Reader will be getting taken down and you won't be able to read/follow blogs using that.
So as my little picture says I really want us to 'stay together' and I just wanted to let you know of all the other places you could follow me and keep up to date with my blog so that you don't miss a single post.

Blog Lovin' - This is loved by just about everyone I think.  It's super easy to use, if you haven't already signed up just enter you email and a password and your good to go.  There is a button that asks you if you want to import all your Google Reader blogs and if you click it you won't loose a single one.  You can follow my blog HERE on Blog Lovin'

Feedly - I have heard a lot of people say how awesome this site is too for reading blogs, I don't use it my self but its the same as blog lovin', you sign up, click one button and all your Google Reader blogs are imported. Use Feedly HERE.

Twitter - I love twitter and I am always on there tweeting and I post all my blog links on there too, so If you want to keep up to date with my blog that way, then follow my HERE

Also on a side note you can follow me on Pinterest HERE. I am obsessed by pinterest its my favourite thing and I am always pinning and making new boards.  Even though I don't post my blog links there, my blog address is on my main pinterest page, so you can also keep a track of my blog that way.

Also if none of the above takes your fancy, have a Google around and find a reader that suits you, as most will really easily let you transfer your Google reader blogs and you can add my link that way!

So there you go, you can now be fully up to date on all things Is This Real life.
I genuinely really appreciate you all taking the time out to follow my blog and as always I love checking out yours blogs so drop me a comment and I will have a wee peek.