Sunday Show and Tell

Quote from Eleanor & Park

Some Links I have been loving this week....

1.  The Real couple behind Before Sunrise.  This is a must read for any fans of the movie, so amazing to finally hear the true story of the film. And it really made me want to re-watch them both again.

2.  I just think this is so sweet, Pay for your coffee with a kiss.

3.  Basically if your pregnant you should really move to Finland.  Love the idea behind this.

4.  The heartbroken Princess finally finds her Prince.  Real.Life.Fairytale.Peeps.

5.  THIS is too funny.

6.  So true


Siobhan Watts said...

Hey Emma, thanks for your comment on my blog. Pleased it's led me to yours! That real life Before Sunrise story is totally heartbreaking, but looking forward to seeing the new film. Have a good week x

Toni said...

I love the pay for your coffee with a kiss idea! super cute :) I'm actually moving to Finland at the end of August for a year with university! xx