Home Time

I love Pinterest for many reasons.
But one of the biggest is that it lets you have a wee nosey around people homes and all their fabulous and endlessly inspiring décor.
As soon as I saw Denise Bovee's back yard I knew I had to post about it.  Isn't it just the most perfect outdoor space.
If feels like you could live outside and it would still feel cosy and just beautiful.
Not gonna lie, I really need one of those tents though, utter perfection.

Here is a little about the décor and design in Denise's own words-

"I live in a teeny tiny apartment space. It's my 2 girls, my husband and I in a 2-bedroom, 1-bath apartment. There is a perk: It has a open patio area. Picture a sun room, but with no roof, just trees hovering above. Although at times I've felt trapped by the tight quarters, I feel we've made the best of the space given. We have made this outdoor spot our hangout. We use it for homeschooling, dinner with friends, hang-drying our clothes, housing our chickens, etc. Basically it's the heart of our home."

" Every morning we wake up, weather permitting, and do our outdoor studies. We feed our chickens, sweep the porch, read some books, yada yada. I will say, my favourite time is when our friends or family are over enjoying a dinner. We listen to music, play games and eat dinner...it's a dream. My heart is on the road in an outdoor setting. This satisfies my heart for the time being."

Check out Denise's beautiful blog HERE
All images and quoted words via A Beautiful Mess


gotitfrommymama said...

This looks so amazing in its simplicity it gives a warm and fuzzy feel and you can't help but fell their contentment.