Book Review - Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park is a book written by Rainbow Rowell.  And quite honestly it's awesome.
No really, I mean it's just so right, you know.  Does that make sense?
It's like everything worked in it.  There wasn't bits I could pin-point and say 'uh that could have been better or flowed better'.  It was like every part of the book was necessary, every word, detail and sentence was wanted and needed.  Every piece of information you got about the characters over the course of the story felt like little teeny tiny pieces of a puzzle that slotted together like a really well thought out, laboured-over jigsaw.  Which is obviously the plan in all books but most you are left with big gaping holes of unanswered or unfinished questions even at the end of the book.  But this, well this felt special and I don't know about you but I find that pretty hard to come by.

The story which is set in the 80's is about the aforementioned 16 year olds Eleanor & Park and their stories.  At the start of the book it seems like they come from two different worlds. Eleanor, the kooky, unpopular new girl who can't help but stand out and Park the cool, laid-back boy who is doing everything he can to stay under the radar.  But a crowded school bus forces them closer (literally, Eleanor takes the only spare seat on offer, which happens to be next to Park) and slowly over the course of the book as we learn more about them and their families, their relationship starts to develop and we get to witness the trials and tribulations of love in it's most fragile crazy/beautiful form.

It is such a sweet story and just beautifully crafted.  It also has the bonus of featuring some pretty rad tunes.  I made myself a  list of some songs they talk about to download so I could check them out as they sound awesome.

This is my favourite type of book.  It's not flashy, it's not in your face and it doesn't have 85 million different story lines going on.  It's subtle and simple and just about people and how sometimes the most natural thing in the world, falling in love, can also be the most awkward, cringe worthy, mind-boggling but above all life-changing experience.

I literally want to buy you all a copy that's how much I'm recommending this book.  Seriously, get yourself under that sunshine, on that sun lounger, slap on your SPF and go get lost in Eleanor & Parks world.  I pinky promise you that you won't regret it.

Buy Eleanor & Park HERE in paperback for £5.99
Or copy me and buy it on your kindle for £4.99 HERE

P.S. I will be doing a review of Rainbow's other book Attachments soon, so look out for that.  Hint- It's also awesome.