Baker Street

(Sorry about the unfortunate fuzzy-ness of the second image)
I have fallen head over heels for this colour.
Anyone who has been reading this blog for a little while will Know that Nails Inc are my go-to for nail polish (see THIS post to have a peek at my collection).
I love the quality and true to life colour and Baker Street is no different.
It's such an unusual colour of blue, It's a kinda light inky blue and it's so beautiful.
I have it on my nails and toenails and its super perfect for summertime.
Amazing coverage as always too, this is two coats and I think it's like day 4 or 5 of wearing it and no chips yet!
I have had a little google around and I have found the cheapest place to buy this colour is LookFantastic
So you can buy Baker Street HERE for £9.90
Are you a fan of this nail polish?
Which colours are you loving wearing for summer?


gotitfrommymama said...

Fuzzy no way miss that colour is a popping and soo cool!