Backwards Snapbacks

Every summer I like to buy a new hat for sitting in the sunshine to keep all those beautiful warm rays of light off of my head (somehow I used to always manage to leave with a red scalp after a day of sunbathing so I decided to never be without a hat)
This year I went for something a little different, a 'Snapback' which isn't exactly my usual style but I thought they were cute and they are actually perfect as the material is really thick so really does protect your head from the sun but because they are airy they don't make your head too um... well, sweaty (ugh I know so unladylike to talk about but still...)
I thought I would take a few photos of me doing my best impression of kidding on I live in New York in the 80's
wearing my backwards snapback .
To be 100% truthful I am definitely much more of a floppy hat type of gal and that's the exact type of hat I wear out and about in the sun as that suits me a lot better but this is perfect for what I got it for, chillin' in the sunshine when I'm sunbathing.
I got mine off of Ebay a while ago and I can't remember the exact seller but there are so many to choose from on there, I just picked this one because it was pretty colours. I've found another seller selling the exact same one  HERE for £8.50
Are you a fan of the 'Snapbacks' and would you wear one?


Pippa said...

Looks great, I definitely can't pull this off! :)
New follower! xxx