Sunshine in The Sky

Today was such a beautiful sunny day.
And sometimes my favourite part of a sunshiny day is watching the sky turn the most amazing, crazy colours as it starts to set, most days it goes pink then purple then eventually yellow but today was different, it seemed to bathe the whole place in this golden orange glow.
When I was standing outside taking these pictures in the balmy night air, my whole body was literally bathed in the colour of the sunset, so awesome

There is something about the skies at this time of year, they just seem to burst with the most amazing colours and I feel so lucky sometimes that this is the view I get from my beautiful!

I hope you all had wonderful Sunshine and sunset filled days too


Laura said...

it was lovely yesterday wasn't it?!
i actually got some sunburn, in england which never happens!
these pictures are gorgeous, as is your blog.
your newest follower,
laura x

RosyChicc said...

Ahh such beautiful photos hun! <3

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