Sunday Show and Tell

Some links that have been making me happy this week....

1.  How awesome is The Mindy Project? I have been pretty obsessed by it and the wonderfulness of Minday and co.  One of my favourites from the show is Morgan and HERE is an interview with him.  Did you know he writes the show too?

2.  Just can't even describe how amazing THIS is- i don't know who I love more, the guy who's doing 'the pranks' or the guy from the royal mail writing the letter.

3.  Pretty good wisdom that makes sense HERE

4.  Remember JoJo, Her first album was my jam for years.  I always wondered what happened to her, well  HERE is what happened, who knew you couldn't own your voice anymore?

5.  WORD

6.  I have been saying it for years but it's now offical watching the news is bad for your health HERE