Skin Care Diaries #1 - Dermalogica Ultracalming cleanser.


I was going to do a post about my skin care routine altogether but then decided it might be a bit too long to do that, so I have broken it up into 3 parts-
Cleanser, moisturiser and exfoliator.

So here is part one...

To start I should probably fill you in a little bit about my skin.

I have (touch wood) always had good skin which more than anything I put down to genetics. I have always been super interested in skin products though and started using them at quite an early age.

I think I started moisturising and cleansing in the latter half of primary school so probably about 11 maybe?

Do you remember those awesome little sets Lancôme used to do for 'young skin' a little foamy cleanser and creamy moisturiser they were amazing and had such a beautiful smell too, well that's what I started off using. I have no idea why they stopped making them?

My skin has always been slightly sensitive to things but when I was about 14 I took a really terrible reaction to facial wipes that I had been using for a couple of days. My face had swollen up so bad I could barely open my eyes and the pain from the swelling was just awful. It took a good few weeks or so for the reaction to go down after taking a lot of Piriton for it. At first I thought it was just a one off but as I have gotten older and tried out different things on my face, make up, creams etc I have realised that certain things make me take allergic reactions. The difference is that now I know what it feels like and I can recognise the start of a reaction, the tightness under my eyes is always the first giveaway for me, I stop using the product straight away and start taking piriton for day to curb the reaction before it gets worse. But there is still times when it creeps up before you know it and it really is a horrible thing. I know many of you will have been in the same boat with things like this and you'll probably agree that most people just think that you over-exaggerating scratchy eyes or skin but it’s completely different and can be really upsetting as most people don’t know what will set off a reaction.

I would love to get skin tested but the doctors said you need to start out having a rough idea what certain ingredients it could be that irritate and I really don’t, I really want to look into it though as there is so many products I put off trying.

I do stay away from any form of colouring in products, perfumes, overloading of vitamins in them and artificial chemicals as I know these are triggers even although I don’t know the main trigger that makes my skin swell these do all contribute to it.

So after being able to use any skin care I liked I was suddenly stuck using baby lotion as at the time everything I was trying was just not agreeing with my skin. Then a little while later my sister started using Dermalogica. It wasn’t a brand I was overly familiar with, it wasn't often featured in magazines at the time and beauty blogs weren’t even a thing so I didn’t really know what to expect. My sister was really liking the dermalogica moisturiser that she was using and said that the brand was really natural and was great for sensitive skin, so I used her's for a few nights and my skin was totally fine with it so I went straight online to order myself some.

And as the story goes, that was happily ever after really.

It is the only skin care brand that I have found that every product that I have tried with them is not only amazing but also so gentle and calming on my super sensitive skin. As they say on their website they are 'a product line free of common irritants and ingredients that could cause breakouts including lanolin, SD alcohol, mineral oil, artificial colours and fragrances, that would improve skin health'

So this is my cleanser, its Dermalogica’s 'Ultra calming cleanser.

Dermalogica do a service called Skin Mapping where one of their experts looks at your face and decides which products would be best for you. I've never had that done so I always just look at the product descriptions and choose which I think suits me best.

According to Dermalogica’s website-

The cleanser is - An extremely gentle gel/cream that cleanses while calming sensitivity

Its best suited to- environmentally-sensitized skin.

And it works by - Gentle, non-foaming cleanser glides gently over skin to minimize agitation. Leaves no irritating residue. Lavender helps soothe; Coneflower helps calm, and Cucumber helps cool irritation.

I apply this to my dry face, massage it in, then rinse off with water and remove the residue with a cotton pad.

It takes off my entire make up (although I use a separate make up remover for my eyes) and leaves my skin with a really lovely soft feel.

I know it might sound a bit silly to say considering a cleansers job is to 'clean' your face, but this really gives you that fresh skin feel, you know that feeling when you have had make-up on all day and can't wait to get it off and then you use this and it just makes your skin so soft and clean.

Also like everyone else, I am prone to the out spot breakout now and again and I always feel using this helps clear and calm the breakouts quicker than any other cleanser I have used.

I cannot recommend this enough especially is you have sensitive skin like me, although everyone’s skin is different so have a look at the ingredients first.

Dermalogica in my opinion is quite expensive although it is on par with more high-end skin care prices. But the sizes last me such a long time even though I use them twice daily. And it really has made such a world of difference to my skin.

You can learn more about the brand and their products HERE and you can buy their products from lots of different places on line, I just Google to find the cheapest.

You can buy this cleanser for £26.30 from HERE

Are you a fan of Dermalogica and this cleanser?

Do you have sensitive skin, which skin care do you use?

Keep an eye out for part 2 and 3 of my skin care diaries.



Molan Parker said...

I have a sensitive skin and I am a huge fan of dermalogica skin care range. It has helped me to restore its freshness and radiance. Despite of its freshness, I think I may need to have a thread lift later on in future to keep the skin from sagging.