Words From My Mouth

We've all had that moment, you've just bought a product that you have been desperate to try, your hopes are high for it being nothing short of a miracle worker, you use it for the first time and you realise it's well....rubbish, to put it politely.

Most people just throw it to the back of a cupboard and forget about it but for a blogger, you are faced with a dilemma.  If the product had been as fabulous as you'd hoped it was going to be, you wouldn't have thought twice about snapping some pictures of it and writing up a glowing review so you could recommend it to all your readers to try.  But the product isn't great (in your opinion) so do you still blog about it and give it a not so awesome write-up?

When I first started my blog, it focused mainly on fashion and celebrities. I made a deal with myself that my blog would only feature things that I liked and loved.  There has been many a time when i have wanted to join in an ongoing public debate about a designer or give my view on what i thought of a certain celebrity but it would have been negative.  Don't get me wrong, it would have never been nasty, I'm just not that type of person online or in real life (no pun intended) but mostly i didn't because it would have served no good purpose.  It wouldn't have helped or inspired anyone other than maybe to join people together who shared in my dislike. And mutual disdain is never a good reason to bond people together anyway, right?
I've always wanted this to be a space free of any negativity so unconsciously i have carried that thought process over to the beauty side of my blogging.

There has been many times when I've planned on blogging about a product but after using it for a while and not being pleased with it decided against blogging about it because the review would be negative.

I am slightly torn though because i love recommending and reviewing my favourite products and i love it when i get an email or tweet saying based on my review they bought and loved the product, so isn't it only fair to the people that read my blog that i give them my honest review about a product that i felt i wasted my money on?
I really don't know?

The handful of times that i have ever read a negative review on someones blog that has been extremely vocal about their dislike of a product, i have found myself thinking 'why have you bothered writing such a negative review slamming a product when it's only your personal opinion'  And maybe that's the key, maybe it's all in the way it's written.  Saying you 'hate' a product and you think it's awful, and that it won't work on anyone and you don't think anyone should buy it, is completely different from giving your individual story of using the product and saying it didn't work for you but that it's only your view and then giving your thoughts on who you think it might be better suited too, i.e different skin- types, hair-types etc is much more acceptable to me and makes me feel a lot more comfortable reading the review rather than it being a rant against an individual product or brand.

I would be really interested to hear what you thought about this.  As a blogger have you or would you write a negative review and do you agree with them? And as a reader, do you like hearing the good and the bad side of a product and do you wish bloggers would write more about products that let them down?


Anonymous said...

Yeah I don't agree with negative reviews that aren't helpful for instance like you mentioned posts that have said 'it didn't work for me so don't buy it!'

I enjoy realistic reviews, with every product I find at least one negative with it so reviews that have a bit of both are refreshing to read.

I bought the liz earle cleanser last year after reading tons of reviews about it being 'the only cleanser you'll ever need!' and for me, yeah, it was alright but I didn't see a change in my skin which was the main reason I bought it, to clear up acne. I've become skeptical since then though I must say so I try and seek out negative reviews for a bit more insight!