Why not do a crazy dance?

I Love Hilary's outfit here.
I have been wanting a red hat for so long and this has just made me want one even more, but the important question is, is this a bowler or a fedora it's so hard to tell from the pictures?
I love a simple outfit and this is simple at it's best.  Such beautiful delicate jewellery too.  Her Cartier bangle is perfection and I love her little leaf necklace too.

I am such a massive Hilary Duff fan, she just seems like a super cool chick, I imagine most people my age who grew up with Lizzie McGuire feel the same right? I think I have seen just about every film of hers (The Perfect Man...um best.film.ever) and hands up who else has all The Duffsters albums...me. 
Amazing songs and the best lyrics.   What was my favourite lyric I hear you ask "Trying to fit a square into a circle was my life" Those damned squares..... #hilarymakemoresongsplease

Are you a Hilary fan? What's you fave song/movie from her back catalogue?