Warning post featuring Tee's that swear at you

I am not a fan at all of cursing and swearing.
But I must admit I have fallen head over 'effing' heels for these little beauties, there is something a lot less severe having your tee doing the swearing for you.
It's like swearing but still being kinda lady-like at the same time..um, right?

I think the first one is definitely my favourite, what about you?
Are you a fan of a good ole' swearing tee or not?

These are from a really awesome online store called Print Liberation and I kinda want to buy every tee they sell.

You can buy all these tee's from HERE for $24 each.  They ship worldwide too.

P.s I first spotted these tee's on Jessica over on the awesome Bows and Sequins, check it out HERE


.x.Sarah.x. said...

These are awesome!

I'd have to have the "That Shit Cray" one I think :D x

Sarah @ sarahlouxo.com xx