Sunday Show and Tell

As I was pondering what to post for today's Sunday Show and Tell, I stumbled across Natalie's blog as if by magic and knew straight away that I needed to share this wonderful project with you all.

You can read Natalie's original post HERE (and her blog is awesome by the way) that tells you a little more about it in detail.

Natalie decided that she wanted the Internet to be full of love not nasty-ness which we all know can happen from time to time right?
So she partnered up with Go Mighty and came up with the idea of sharing the love, gratitude and thankfulness we have for all those beautiful ladies in our lives online using the hashtag #MIGHTYLOVE (all caps) if  they reached 500 tweets or instagrams before the cut-off date of April 12th they were going to donate $500 to a battered women's shelter in NYC.
Amazingly they reached that target within a couple of hours, but the project is still carrying on till April 12th which still gives you till next Friday to share the love, and who knows how many people will have used the Internet in such a beautiful way by then or what impact it will have on the fundraiser.

Reading through the tweets on twitter using the hastag is beyond wonderful, so many lovely messages.
If your going to send a message, give me a tweet to let me know as I would love to have a read too.