Songs That May or May Not Change Your Life

You know how you always hear someone say 'uh you have to hear this song, it's amazing' and you listen to it and its ok, but just ok, nothing special.

 I mean you don't get that feeling that you need to play it over and over and over again.  Or that feeling that you want to tell everyone you know about it but you also kinda don't want to tell anyone you know about it because then it won't be just 'your' song anymore, even though it's never been just 'your' song but still that's how it makes you feel.

Well Lorde's music will make you feel like that, I will go so far as to pinky promise you that, and that's a big deal i don't go around pinky promising with just anyone, you know.

Lorde is a 16 year old High School student from New Zealand.  All the above songs are written and sung by her and can be listened to on her soundcloud HERE, downloaded on itunes and you can also follow her on twitter HERE.  She also has awesome hair, not that that fact should influence your decision on whither you like her music or not, but it's just there, you know as a sidenote.

I honestly can't remember the last time i was so excited by new music, I have listened to this EP more times than I can count. Bravado is my song of the year by far, i'm obsessed by it. 

Let me know what you think and if you are a Lorde fan?


Karen Joanne Farrell said...

These songs are so dreamy!

Karen xx