Pink Ladies

Lately I have been seeing Lot's of things in magazines and on adverts that I have loved and they have all been from Next.
I have been really impressed by the things they have in for spring and summer and decided to do a little inspiration board of my favourite pieces.

Do you all remember THIS post and how in love I was with the pink outfit.  Well unfortunately the last pink outfit was way out my price ranges so when I saw sooo many pretty pink bit's and bob's on Next's website I decided to have a go at making a more affordable version.

Not that you would ever be able to tell but pink is my favourite colour and I haven't been able to get the idea of  a head-to-toe pink outfit out of my head.  I think it's way more wearable than people imagine and by combining different shades of the one colour you get a really cool effect.

Outfit 1- For the pink beginners- This is if you want to just dip your toe in the metaphorical pink pool of fashion.  The beautiful blazer jacket has a few different colour threads running through it which gives you the illusion of less of a block colour and the trousers are a much lighter shade and the effortlessly cool and laid back white shirt (which could be bought in a size bigger to give you that slouch look) will look amazing tucked in to these trousers and will break up the pink look.

Outfit 2- For the Intermediate pink wearer- This is if you feel like you want to rock the whole look but don't want to look too matchy-matchy.  This stunning pink blouse is so loose and perfect for summer and will look awesome draped into or over these trousers and the blazer jacket will add just that subtle difference of colour to break up the look.

Outfit 3- For the Advanced pink wearer - This is for the gals who want to throw caution to the wind.  This is for pink lovers who are damn proud of it.  Nearly all the same shade of pink with only the slightest variation.  This cardigan bought in a few sizes too big again for an over-sized look will give a more laid back feel to the outfit.

What i would say is if you are going to wear any of the above outfits or anything similar.  Keep your accessories all the one colour too.  Personally i would go for either gold or rose gold and i would keep it to a minimum.  A statement necklace as all the pieces are very plain and a big chunky watch and you would be good to go.  Or if you wanna be a bit more rebellious, Neon would look super duper pretty with this shade of pink but again i would keep it to only a few pieces.

Let me know what you think? Would you go for a pink outfit?

Here are all the links to the pieces-
Blazer -  £45
Trousers-  £30
White Shirt-  £30
Pink Tee-  £16
Cardigan-  £20


daisychain said...

My life needs more pink! x

Domonique Wilson said...

Not a fan of head to toe pink but those trousers are to die! Cute selection :)


casper+pearl said...

in love with this post, and your whole entire blog in general.

lots of love from the casper&pearl girls – a little Aussie fashion brand
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