A little while ago I was reading a blog and I saw a girl wearing these Galaxy print Black Milk leggings and I instantly fell in love with them.  I love that they look thick and tight to your leg and that they will keep their shape too.
The pattern is just beautiful and would really jazz up a super plain tee.
I really really want a pair but at about £75 they are way out my price range for leggings.
I have gotten really into wearing leggings/jeggings again with long tee's for a cute chilled, relaxed spring look.

Are you a fan of these printed leggings?

Link to the Leggings-


Michaela said...

I really like these, I like how they look different on each leg! They'd be great to style I think. Too expensive for me though, but I can dream!

Dejhana Waite said...

I really love the way they look but I don't think it would look flattering on me. Shame though!