DVD Review - Like Crazy

This is such a simple and beautiful movie that it sort of creeps up on you and takes you and your heartstrings by surprise.  Jacob and Anna meet at Collage in L.A.  They date, fall in love and are blissfully happy that is until Anna, who is English, violates the terms of her Visa by overstaying in the country and is forced to leave and move back to England, leaving Jacob behind. 

'Like Crazy' follows Jacob and Anna's journey of trying to be together, apart and everything that comes in between.

It truly is a beautiful film, maybe one of the most beautiful actually that I have seen.  Jacob and Anna are so heartbreakingly believable at being in love I had to check imdb after I watched it to see if Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones were actually dating in real life (imdb tells me no). The director Drake Doremus said that a lot of the movie was improvised and that at times he would leave the camera running for half an hour just so that he could get a realistic chemistry between the characters and you can definitely feel that watching the film.  The awkwardness and vulnerability of the improvisations really adds depth and charm to the film. 

This is such a super sweet movie.  It's an indie movie without the irony and sarcasm and the 'i'm cooler than you' vibes they can sometimes have.  Word of warning though watch this film with someone or make sure you know someone who has already seen it as you will be desperate to discuss the last scene of the film with just about anyone you can find.

A lot of people have compared Like Crazy to (500) days of summer and in a way I can see why, but I think the story hits you a lot harder than (500) days, this movie leaves you with an ache that i can only describe as being extremely similar to the one you feel after watching The Notebook, the love and romance really is reminiscent of the intensity of that movie although thankfully without the 'slightly depressive' side story The Notebook contains.

You can buy the movie HERE for £5.25

Have you seen the movie? I would love to know what you thought of it?


danniekate said...

this sounds like it might make me cry...xx