Ashtrays and Heartbreaks

I had been on the hunt for the perfect ballet flat for a while.  I wanted something that actually looked like a ballet shoe rather than just a pump which i find most flat shoes are nowadays.  To get the exact style i wanted I had decided that i was going to buy a pair of real ballet shoes and get a sole put on them but just as i had made that plan I found these beauties.

I love them, they are the perfect nude/light pink and the shape is so perfect and durable too.
The best thing about them though is the price they are £7.99.  When buying a shoe like this that is quite flimsy and doesn't have much of a sole I always find it silly to spend a lot of money on them because the shoe will ware down so quickly and will probably only last a summer anyway, which is all i wanted.
Don't get me wrong I am not being down on the quality of this particular shoe or anything, I am just talking about all ballet style pumps in general as its only natural when the fabric at the front is nearly scrapping the ground because of the style, that it will get worn down.

I love how these have shaped to my foot more everytime i have worn them too, its makes them much more comfortable to wear!

I got these in store in New Look but you can also get them online and they come in 5 different colours.  For anyone wanting the same colour as mine they are listed as 'Nude' on the website.

Edit: I have just noticed that the 5 styles are all priced differently and even though mine were £7.99 in the store they are £9.99 online, not much more expensive i suppose but a few of the other colours are £7.99 and all 5 style are in an offer of 2 for £10 which actually is awesome and a much better deal anyway.

Let me know if you are getting a pair and what you think?
Buy them HERE

P.S Sorry that these pictures look a bit grainy, I have no idea what happened.  But I have been using  a new camera and i'm just getting to grips with it, hopefully you can still get a good idea of how cute the shoes are...!


Marta said...

Cute shoes! Love the color!