A few years ago when Topshop was awash with heart shaped sunglasses in every colour I managed to resist, not that I didn't love them it's just i didn't want to be wearing what every single person at every single music festival would be wearing that summer.
But for some reason watching Taylor Swift's new video and seeing her wearing them I just knew i had to have a pair ASAP.
If you want the exact pair The Swift was wearing you can buy them direct from the Vans website HERE.
I have found so many identical pairs on Amazon and Ebay that are just a little bit cheaper so i think i'll be going for one of them.
Buy my favourites HERE for £8.99
What do you think, are you a fan?


Domonique Wilson said...

Ahh I remember this trend! I'd actually quite like a pair in lilac!


char said...

I actually think I have some, which I've never worn. I'm sure I remember buying some blue ones. Need to find those!