Sunday Show and Tell

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What a perfect idea. This is so sweet and would be so perfect as a little gift for someone who is graduating or starting a new job or adventure.  I love when things make you see the special-ness of everyday objects.
Oh and THIS starts tomorrow.  I think it looks really great and it's open to everyone.  I have been meditating for a while now but think this looks like such a fun experience and I think it would be perfect for someone who has been wanting to start  meditating but doesn't really know how to, i would urge you to give it a go as it really is amazing.  Let me know if y'all sign up....!
And a massive Happy Mothers Days to all you beautiful mama's out there but especially to my very own and very special mama.  Love you so much Mama K, you are amazing! X


Madeleine Roach said...

Such a sweet idea, will for sure be adapting this in the future :)