Last year I saw Neom was coming on QVC and I knew I had to tune in.  I had read a little bit about the company and really wanted to check it out.
The one thing that I do love about QVC is that you get to hear from the people who run, start or own the brand telling you about all their products.
I find that it's so helpful as you learn so much more about what the products are for and how to use them.

I fell in love with Neom and all their products and they have been on my to-buy list ever since. 
Neom promise that only 100% Natural wax and pure essential oils are used in their products which I just love.

Since first hearing about the brand I have been desperate to try their Tranquillity: Organic Room Mist which has a blend of English Lavender, Sweet Basil & Jasmine.  They sound so beautiful, you spray them on your bedding or just in and around your room to make you feel calm and relax and sleepy for bed time.  I go through periods of just not being able to sleep till really late, part-time insomnia I call it and for anyone who has sleep trouble, you'll know how frustrating and annoying it is when you are just beyond tired but just can't sleep so I would just love to try this as I have a feeling this would help me a lot. Especially as I am going through a no-sleeping phase at the moment (fun). When I went on their website today to buy the mist I couldn't believe it but they were sold out, I was so disappointed but hopefully it won't be long till they get some new stock in. I really can't wait to try some.

I think the Tranquillity candle just looks wonderful as well, this is the same scent as the mist and works in the same way but obviously in candle form. 

All Neom's products look so sumptuous and I think the packaging is gorgeous too, so classy and chic. It's exactly they type of thing you want sitting on your dresser.

You can choose from lots of different scents or if want a product for a certain thing, to make you sleepy, awake, inspired, less stressed ( which FYI i think i need too as i have just spent nearly the whole day on the phone to BT trying to sort out a problem with my Internet, why do these companies make it so difficult, seriously....) so there is a product for everyone and it has a great price range too, from affordable to high-end.

What do you guys think, are you a fan of Neom and have you tried any of their products before, I would love to know?

Buy the Room Mist HERE -£16
Buy the Candle HERE-£39.50
Buy the same candle in a travel size HERE- £15
Oh and their Spring Sale has just started so you can look for some Bargains HERE


Kat said...

I really want to try Neom, I'm obsessed with scented candles at the mo and hear they are the best!

Loving the blog make-over by the way - I've just had a big catch up too, glad you're back blogging :)