All Pink Everything

If I could have any outfit right now, I would have this one.
I am a little obsessed with matching everything at the moment which is so unlike me but I love the idea of picking one colour and wearing a head to toe outfit in different shades of it, i just think its super fun.
I would pair this with a couple of thin gold ring bands, maybe a gold mans watch too, a super cute pair of courts and you'd be good to go.
I really need an outfit like this in my wardrobe.
I found this site called Mimi Noor, which i had never heard off until i stumbled on it.
It is filled with all the labels that i love, and if you like what i feature on my blog then you'll love it too.
Its packed with all those brands that do luxury casual so well, like LnA, J Brand, Wildfox, Winter Kate and that's only mentioning a few.
They also seem to have a crazy amount of jean brands that i love too.
They have a sale section that seems pretty immense too, J Brand and MIH jeans for like £60 down from £200 and you know i love a good bargain!
If you like this outfit and unlike me have the funds to buy it all then click click the links...
Shirt - £215
Jeans -£210
Do you like wearing colouring blocking clothes?
And if you have already  wore an outfit in a head to toe same colour send me links so I can check it out....


Becky Queen said...

I love this outfit. I have never thought about wearing one block colour but you have just inspired me to do so. Just wondering if I could pull off a whole pink outfit...

daisychain said...

Never thought of donning all pink but I have a sudden desire to! x

terrileanne x said...

Love the picks, hate the price xx

ide love if you checked out my blog x :)

Ester Durães said...

wow love your picks, they're all so pretty :)

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