The Scottish Fine Soaps Company


This is just Divine.
I wish so much you could smell how delicious this is through the Internet, it's such a creamy vanilla smell with a really subtle Cinnamon undertone.
If you like your body butters and moisturisers then this is one for you to try.
I'd actually never heard of the company until me and my mum found them online and put in a big order and we just loved everything we got.
There is a really homemade luxury feel to the products if that makes sense, everythings kinda sweet and cute.
Being Scottish I love to try and support local brands too so it's really nice to find a Scottish store that is doing their own thing and doing it really well.
This is such a thick cream with as I mentioned above the most beautiful smell.
It goes on really smoothly and doesn't leave any grease at all and after the first few applications your skin feels so soft and really nourished too and you get such a big tub so it's seems to last for a good while.
If you like the Body Shop Body Butters then I would give this a go as a good alternative the smells are similar and so is the application.
You can buy this HERE on The Scottish Fine Soaps Company website and its a bargain at £4.95
I can't wait to show you all the other goodies I bought from here too!
Also if your looking for little cute stocking filler presents for people then I would have a peek at their website as they have lovely cute products that would be perfect for unique gifts!

Are you already a fan of this brand?
Whats your favourite body moisturiser?