Neon Hats

So ASOS is totally lethal right?
You go on there looking for one thing, I was looking for the perfect black courts and then before I know it I am in their knitwear department telling myself not only do i all of a sudden need a neon beanie hat in my life, I in actual fact need three different colours of it.

Seriously though how beyond cute are these, they would literally be perfect for Christmas time.
I originally was much more drawn to the pink one but the more I look at the orange I'm thinking you know what, i need more neon orange in my life, maybe i should go for that one?

Oh and the best part they are £7 major bargain or what...uh OK so apologies in advance if you also end up buying the 3 as they are just such a good deal.  But at least we will look pretty awesome even if we are a few pounds poorer, right?

What do you guys think, are you loving them?

Buy the...
Orange HERE
Green HERE

P.S Talking about the court shoes I found some amazing ones in this shoe shop, so many pretty styles


Entice Diamante said...

This is so cute, I think I might try this trend! Great post!

CarrieWilink said...

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