When you think of American High Schools the one thing I think of is PROM!
Yes that wonderful rite of passage that many a John Hughes film has been about. I always wanted to go to prom but unfortunately being from Scotland these things just don't exist here or where I am from rather.  We got what was called 'A Social' and yes it was as exciting as it sounds....!

But the main reason why I wanted to go to prom was for the dress of course and I always love when American magazines do the prom specials with all the dresses and it's why I love websites like MissesDressy.  Packed full to the brim with the prettiest and most sparkly Prom Dresses, Evening Dresses and Cocktail Dresses.  They are so fancy that I even saw Kendall Jenner modelling them on the website and we all know that if a Jenner/K'Dash has put their seal of approval on something then it's a hit, right?

All these dresses would be more than perfect for Christmas though and you would 100% be the best dressed at any party if you rocked up in one of these beauties.

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