River Island Coat

So who knew River Island would become the big Bombdiggity
I mean, I genuinely covet a  lot of their pieces now
And for realz you would not have seen me saying (typing) that in like 2003, oh hell no!

This coat is perfect
But I do wonder if the combination of being Scottish, living in Scotland and wearing a pretty full-on Tartan coat is just maybe a little bit intense?
Did I just hear you say no, well ok then, if you are insisting so strongly..... i'll just buy it.

By it HERE  for £70 and pretend to be Scottish this winter.  Go on, you know you love trying to do the accent
Och aye the noo and all that shizzle.....

P.S I have changed the width of my blog a little, just wanted to check that everyone can still see it ok though?